About us

About us

Kadir ikizler Textile has been founded in Muğla Marmaris in 1990, with the aim of being innovative and leader company in its sector. Our story began with retail and continiued with sucsessfull tourism activities making us one of the leaders in towel wholesale. We have become pioneer in the sector with our contract manufacturing products. In 2004 we have started to production because of the crisis of Turkey in 2000 which caused decrease of the production industries. Following recent technology and making R&D activities we have been leader of the sector even in the increase of the competition.
In our factory embroidery , weaving, packaging, distrubution, all are done by our experienced staff. Today we have become an exporter to Russia, Ukrain, Algeria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgzstan. Recently, we have incorporated our first foreign centers in Dubai, namely, Cottonize General Trading Company LLC. We are planning to open the gates from middle east to Africa with our trademark “Cottonize”.
Kadir İkizler Textile considers satisfying envoirement and employee requirements, acting within social and ethical rules, satisfying customer expectation and requirements, as one of its primary business activities. Kadir İkizler Textile, respects rights of employoees, therefore provides all legal & liberty rights.

Our Vision

To be pioneer and leader in the market, by making “happiness of our customers, employees and suppliers” our top priority.

Our Mission

Embracing the principle of “key to success is working based on planning, love and respect ” and with this motivation, increasing customer satisfaction and employee happiness effectively.